Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Travelling, a short in-depth view

Ana just asked me what travelling means to me. Point blank question. She only requested three lines, before I knew it, I wrote half a page, so something must have been seething with expectation. Expectation probably connected not in the least marginally with the mountain trip to come on the 1st of August.

If it's about the idea of travelling - I suppose it's a very important means of bringing back harmony. When you go visiting new places, all your five senses are alight. It's not enough to see anymore. You need to touch, to hear better, to sniff and arch your body. You're reminded to keep an open mind, to walk carefully, to actually pay attention to what others say. You feel a healthy constructive fear again - who is that, where can you find shelter, how long is it before sunset. You feel joy for small successes like finding a street, or finding a clear trail in the woods. Ultimately, you stumble upon a hefty load of new and awe, in which you always irreverently struggle to find the familiar morsel of mundane. No personas, just you with your true heartfelt reactions and actions. All this is worlds apart from the prozaic act of  living day after day in your town, going to and coming from school and work. If you do that for too long, it's bound to drown you in routine. Here's where the bit about 'bringing back harmony' comes in. All the routine and pretense is washed away as you find equilibrium with your inner self, anew. I know i got slightly poetic, but this is truly how i feel when i go to the mountains or travelling in general, it's always a travel inside myself first and foremost.

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