Sunday, 24 October 2010

Being blind in Granada

24th day, Sunday, 17 oct

I felt like walking alone downtown, so I went to the church (Catedral Real). Afterwards, I spent an hour listening to a flamenco guitar player in the middle of the plaza before the Cathedral's steps.

Young people sprawling just like that on the pavement, soaking up the sun, the orange and green old buildings, the sun...pidgeons coming and going, parents with children... This poem i saw etched in porcelain plaques in the plaza really does justice to a Sunday morning in Granada:

"Dale limosna mujer, que no hay nada como la pena de ser ciego en Granada."

(Be charitable with him woman, because there is no other pain than being blind in Granada).

25th day, Monday, 18 oct

This was the start of a long series of search heuristics and algorithms in Artificial Intelligence (the class I like best) A*, IDA*, BF, DFS, BFS, RBFS, A/O*. In the evening, I put my cooking skills to use and made bors with potates, peas and chicken (Anca's cousin Dan gave us 3l of homemade sour borch precisely for this). It turned out great! I really felt like home when I tasted it.

26th day, Tuesday, 19 oct

DIU - Diseno de Interfaces de Usuario practica today held a surprise: the first project (delivery date: 5 nov) is about a complete and detailed analysis of, and some other two sites from esthetical and functional point of view. In other words, QA! I get to do that here too. Hopefully, the entire subject will polish my QA skills and help me design good user interfaces.

It's my brother's birthday. Feliz cumpleanos to him!

27th day, Wednesday, 20 oct

Wednesday is the only day without IA, in the rest of the days we either have teoria (4 classes of theory) or practica (2h). After a boring hour of NTP theory, we had to go shopping big time. We got our fridge and cupboards stuffed again with food, joy of joys. Alcampo, Aldi and Mercado (although Jose usually doesn't go to Aldi, we showed him what good cheese they have there - we would't survive without it) usually provide us with anything from peanut butter to eggs.

Jose tried to convince us to buy garbanzos that are very Spanish (I believe it's "naut" in Romanian) but we don't know how to cook them, so I postponed that a bit. We did buy however (apart from tones of milk, cereals and fruit) a lot of mosto "castillo de salobreƱa" - which is basically grape juice with apple juice and some spices. It's terrific and Jose is addicted to it - it doesn't have any alcohol, it's just delicious juice without acid and it's very cheap - 0.75 cents. Well, we bought one bottle and Jose two: we drank it together anyways - he also tasted our borch and seemed like he liked it.

28th day, Thursday, 21 oct

Two boring Xlib hours and a lot of research for my bachelor project. Don't you just love semantic web and ontologies?

29th day, Friday, 22 oct

The girls worked really hard for their practica at DAC where they design pink cranes and translate them round and round on a green field - I'm joking, this is all I understand from their talking - it's all done in OpenGl. I followed suit and continued the research for my BD project.

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